A Great Brand for Natural Cleaning Products

As of this week, I am a big fan of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Aromatherapeutic Household Cleaners (that’s a long name!).

I found a set of four Mrs. Meyers cleaning products for $7.99 at Marshalls. I just had to buy it. I was actually in the market for some more natural cleaning products, plus this set was Gingerbread Scented.

The ingredients in Mrs. Meyers products are generally very simple and the smell of the one I bought is especially fun for this time of year. As the leaves are starting to fall and the air is getting chillier, I can now add to the ambiance of the season every time I clean the counter, which is nice and a little funny at the same time. But you can really smell the ginger and cinnamon oils as you’re cleaning and after you’re done!

2 semi-unfortunate things to add:

1. I don’t currently see this scent on the Mrs. Meyers website! Too bad. But, I do see that they have a lovely seasonal scent of “cool peppermint with a hint of vanilla”. Also sounds fun! (Fun considering you’re using this liquid to clean.)

2. I got a REALLY good buy. It looks like the set of four 8 oz bottles normally costs about $14.99. That’s not a bad deal though for the quality,  the quantity AND the aromatherapy of the scents.

I just realized this is definitely the most I’ve ever enjoyed a cleaning product…


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