How To Compost!

I have to admit I’ve never composted before, but I’m going to try to in the near future. There are variations on how exactly to do it, but here is one version I’ve constructed:

1. Buy a bin with small holes for aeration ( has some options). Choose a spot for the bin outside of your home that is easy to access.  (You could also compost successfully in a pile on the ground, but a bin will certainly make things a lot neater.)

2. Fill the bin 3/4 of the way with leaves and/or newspaper. Add water. The pile should be as damp as a sponge that has been wrung out.  

3. Toss in scraps (avoid oil, meat, dairy, glossy magazines, and bones ). Stir. Top with a 3 inch layer of newspaper or leaves.

4. Cover with a new 3 inch top layer of newspaper or leaves each time you add scraps to bin.

5. Stir pile every week or two.

6.  If all goes well, you will eventually have a layer of good compost at the bottom of the bin.


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