Pacifica Solid Perfumes

I kept reading about these little natural solid perfumes everywhere so I decided I had to try one of them for myself! I ended up choosing the Hawaiian Ruby Guava, which it turns out is mainly a mix of jasmine and grapefruit essential oils in a organic coconut and soy wax base. It figures I would like the Hawaiian Ruby Guava because I love the smell of citrus and jasmine.

This solid perfume is so natural and so convenient AND it truly smells like a tropical vacation! At $8.95, it’s  also a great price for a perfume, especially since it seems like it will last a while.

The Hawaiian Guava solid perfume, as well as other scents like Malibu Lemon Blossom and Tahitian Gardenia (2 other really fun scents), come in a 1.2 oz spray as well.

Other great natural fragrances, candles, and beaty products at

Photo Credit: Pacifica Inc.

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