A Chilly Catskill Creek

by my mom, Maisie
by my mom, Maisie

2 thoughts on “A Chilly Catskill Creek

  1. Please tell your mom that I love this picture! So peaceful, and enjoyable. The colors in the leaves and the movement of the water had me mesmerized. Thank you.

  2. When I was young my grandparents would bring my brothers and sister Up-State to S. Cairo. It was beautiful, but the best thing about it was the path down back that led to the stone stairway that my grandfather built that led down to the Catskill creek.
    If it had been a very snowy and wet winter the water would be high-but only once was it so high that the rather small rapids could carry ou so far down the creek. It was so much fun and my childhood is full of these memories.
    Please tell your Mom that this picture remindes me of the creek in the low end.

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