Another reason to eat dark chocolate

In general, chocolate is a high calorie food that does not typically assist people with weight management. However, researchers at the University of Copenhagen recently found that dark chocolate may help you feel fuller. The study found that individuals who ate dark chocolate had fewer cravings afterward than those who ate milk chocolate. The reasoning behind the finding is that dark chocolate’s natural bitterness might help the body to regulate appetite. In addition, dark chocolate’s higher cocoa butter content might keep the stomach feeling fuller for longer periods of time. This would be due to the fact that cocoa butter contains stearic acid, which can slow digestion.


So don’t go devour an entire bar of dark chocolate, but do have a square now and then to help manage hunger and to get a good dose of antioxidants. Opt for higher cocoa content dark chocolate, which is less sweet and has the greater health benefits all around . Some high-quality and delicious dark chocolate to try include Green & Black’s Organic and Endangered Species Chocolate.

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