Eco-friendly Dishwashing Detergents

Here are some automatic dishwashing detergents that clean without the use of bleach and phosphates:

  • Seventh Generation – retails for about $5.99 for a 45 oz box.
  • Mrs. Meyers – around $7.99 for a 48 oz bottle.
  • Method – about $6.50 for a bag of 20 detergent tabs (cleans 20 loads of dishes).
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2 thoughts on “Eco-friendly Dishwashing Detergents

  1. You should check out They sell eco-friendly, green personal care, baby, pet, and household cleaning products in bulk, so it is cheaper. Right now they are having a huge sale under “specials” on their website. I just bought 9 different eco-friendly cleaning products for under $40!

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