Organic Wine – differences are on the label (& in the bottle)

There are a few different labels that organic wines can carry and I recently found out what means what!


In 2001, the USDA issued the following guidelines for wines that are labeled as organic:

  • “Made with Organic Grapes”– these wines are made up of at least 70% organic grapes and have added sulfites*.
  • “Organic”– no added sulfites and at least 95% of the grapes are organically grown.
  • “100% Organic”– 100% organic grapes and no added sulfites.

*Sulfites are a natural by-product of the wine making process and are present in all wines to different degrees. Very often, sulfites are added to wine to make it more stable and to extend its shelf life. Unfortunately, some people don’t do well with these additional sulfites and have reactions such as skin redness or headaches. For people who have these troubles, organic wines are a great and more pleasant option!

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