Does that perfume REALLY smell like flowers?

The American Journal of Medicine published a study finding that 72 percent of asthma patients had adverse reactions to perfume. Few fragrances currently on the market today are actually deriving their scent from natural sources (most are synthetic). To figure out if a product is naturally scented, simply look at the ingredients list. If the word fragrance is listed then it usually means the scent was created in a laboratory. If essential oils are listed then the fragrance should be natural. Don’t have time to read labels or want to avoid possible irritation all together? Then go fragrance-free!


A Natural Lift from Aubrey Organics

Lumessence Lift by Aubrey Organics combines CoQ10, algae extract, and oat protein to help tighten skin, form new collagen, and fight visual signs of aging! It has a light, plant-like scent and a really great consistency that is easily absorbed by the skin. I could see improvements in the luminosity of my skin immediately. I would highly suggest this product to anyone looking for a more affordable, yet natural anti-aging cream that can be used day or night.

Refreshing & Aromatic

For a great, all natural face and body spray, try one of Pangea Organics Facial Toners. These sprays are truly skin and mood enlivening with herbal and fruit mixtures like Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime, Argentinian Tangerine and Thyme, or French Rosemary with Sweet Orange. I’m currently enjoying the Rosemary and Orange, which is great for dry skin, especially in the warm weather when you don’t want to use a lot of heavy moisturizer. I also love spraying this toner in my hair for added moisture, bounce, and fragrance.

Photo Credit: Pangea Organics
Photo Credit: Pangea Organics

A Natural Blush

Aubrey Organics Powder Blushes feature silk powder, which is antimicrobial, absorbs oil, and is high in amino acids. I love these blushes because they are so soft, long-lasting, and look really natural. The coloring is from beets and radishes – you can’t get more natural than that! The packaging is really great too and makes for easier application.

Photo Credit: Aubrey Organics®.
Photo Credit: Aubrey Organics®.

Have you heard of

Saffronrouge is such a great site to help you easily find and evaluate organic beauty products. They even have organic product categories for men and babies. You receive two samples with every purchase and they have a lowest price guarantee. I really love this site’s presentation and easy navigation. If you haven’t checked them out already, visit today!