Where did the whole milk go?!

I’m really wondering who was the first person to think that it was a good idea to stop providing whole milk at institutions that specialize in coffee and tea. I have a bone to pick with whomever this might be and with every other copycat out there. Has anyone else noticed how a majority of places such as Panera Bread and Caribou Coffee and other providers of caffeinated products are currently only providing three complimentary dairy products: skim milk, 2% percent milk, and half & half. Where is the middle man?


To me, skim milk and 2% taste too watered down, while half & half is too rich. Whole milk is called such because it is closest to its original form. After all the human processing is said and done, whole milk is the least altered of the bunch. I like that. And I like how it tastes in my coffee and tea. I personally love organic whole milk, but I would happily settle for any old whole milk at this point. I continue to be disappointed as I see other chains following this unfortunate trend.


At some locations, like Barnes & Noble, I’m pleasantly surprised when there is at least some whole milk behind the counter if you ask for it. However, more and more, I’m finding that these coffee and tea retailers are not even having whole milk within the store at all! How can this be happening? I have expressed my disdain and the most common response I receive is that “no one really asks for whole milk.” Can I really be such a minority? Can I be the only drinker of coffee and tea that likes the most basic option, the most moderate (in my eyes at least)?


Some other employees have explained the lack of whole milk along the lines of “going healthy.” Going healthy? Is America really going to start blaming whole milk for an obesity epidemic? Whole milk, especially the organic variety, actually has health benefits! Also, who has ever heard of someone having a problem with putting the milk carton down? I think I can guarantee that it’s not the whole milk that is putting on the pounds for a lot of people, it’s the super-size fries, the candy bars, the lack of exercise, etc. The problem could also be living in a world of food extremes, where people are either completely depriving themselves of taste and enjoyment (to me, that would be equatable to the skim milk) or they’re being over indulgent (in this situation, that would be the half & half). 


All of these crazes of no fat, no carbs, no sugar, have they really gotten anyone anywhere good? And in terms of there not being whole milk available to patrons, wouldn’t that be like going to a restaurant and only being offered diet soda? Or only margarine instead of butter? Good or bad, we all deserve our choices when it comes to food and drink. 


Somebody else out there has to be missing the whole milk. If not, I’m going to be on a one woman mission to bring back the true blue cow juice to every server of coffee and tea out there (or at least in my neighborhood). If you agree, don’t hesitate to comment to places like Panera Bread, Caribou Coffee, etc. Even if you aren’t a whole milk user, wouldn’t it be nice for all options to be on the table?

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