Honeysuckle Soap

Honeysuckle Soap uses the cold press method to make each bar so it retains the naturally occurring glycerin. The result is a soap the actually attracts moisture to the skin. The addition of healing ingredients like olive oil, vitamin E, and honey combined with a lack of skin-irritating preservatives, results in a bar of soap that has been known to aid skin infirmities. 

I tried the Citrus Splash, which smells delightfully fresh and sweet and was very mild on my sensitive skin. Honeysuckle Soap also makes face lotions and body lotions: HoneysuckleSoap.com.

Photo Credit: www.honeysuckle.com
Photo Credit: Honeysuckle Soap

3 thoughts on “Honeysuckle Soap

  1. I have been using HoneySuckle soap for over 2 years. And give it as office gifts. I was pleased to see your write up. I am 65 years old and the soaps and lotions are the best things I have ever put on my skin.

  2. I love these soaps and have been using them for almost two years. My newest favorite one is Plumberry which has a fantastic yummy fragrance, and I’m going to place another order for more. Best thing I ever did for my skin.

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