An all-around awesome face mask!

You shouldn’t expect this mask to smell sweet or flowery, or even fruity. I can’t quite put my finger on on the overriding fragrance, but without a doubt it smells like it came straight from the earth. Basically, it did. With an array of potent natural ingredients, Pangea Organics Japanese Match Tea with Acai & Goji Berry mask simultaneously clarifies, enlivens, and soothes the skin.


Pangea recommends using this mask once per week, but I love it so much I’ve had to stop myself from using it once per day! This supreme antioxidant driven concoction has received numerous beauty awards – I am so not surprised.


For more info on this mask and other great products: Pangea Organics.

Photo Credit: Pangea Organics
Photo Credit: Pangea Organics

One thought on “An all-around awesome face mask!

  1. I’m so glad to see Pangea Organics being featured – I’ve been using their products for the last year and really love them AND the wildflowers in my garden (from their packaging). As I told my friend recently, it’s amazing that we’re still seeing products with formaldeyde and parabins on store shelves when there are so many fantastic and natural products available!

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