Certified Organic Fragrances

Intelligent Nutrients make an array of organic health and beauty products including supplements, “functional foods”, skin care, hair care, and aromatics. I was in the market for some new natural fragrance when I came across Intelligent Nutrients’ aromatics. The natural fragrances are available in 7 varieties: Awaken, Seductive, Attune, Nurture, Innercalm, Restore, and Focus. My favorite is definitely the Nuture, which has an overriding aroma of lavender and is certainly a comforting choice (as you would expect from the title). Unlike most traditional fragrances that contain phthalates and other synthetic ingredients, Intelligent Nutrients’ aromatics are made solely with pure plant ingredients. The scents really do smell like they are right from the garden and with each spritz, you actually feel like you’re doing something beneficial for yourself!

I would strongly suggest spraying the aromatics on your skin rather than your clothing because of the natural oils. But these same natural oils that aren’t enjoyable for your clothing can be thoroughly enjoyed by your hair! Don’t hesitate to spritz some of the fragrance in your locks to refresh them and add shine. You can also add any of the scents to a unscented carrier oil (like jojoba, sesame, etc.) to create your own massage oil. The tranquil lavender, sweet orange and geranium of Nuture are a perfect combination for a relaxing massage.

Photo Credit: Intelligent NutrientsĀ®

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