NVEY ECO Organic Moisturizing Mascara

To be honest, next to deodorant, mascara has been one of my last products “to go natural.” The first natural mascara I recently tried is made by NVEY ECO, a certified-organic makeup line with their Global Headquarters in Australia. This organic mascara is formulated with strengthening and conditioning ingredients like Vitamin B5, nettle, and horsetail. This mascara goes on easily and smoothly. It also stays on very well.

One of the reasons I was deciding to make the switch was because I was hoping that natural mascara would wash off really, really easily. I love wearing eye makeup, especially mascara, but I don’t like to use any kind of makeup remover (even natural kinds) because I feel like it’s stripping that delicate area around my eyes of crucial moisture (and I definitely don’t want to do that!) So I was expecting Nvey to come off extremely easily, but it takes the same amount of effort to get this natural version off as it does to take off any of the popular, not-so-natural brands. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I was just surprised how well it stayed on. It’s impressive how intense natural pigments can be!

I’m curious if there is a natural mascara out there that doesn’t smudge easily, but is super easy to take off. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Photo Credit: NVEY ECO

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