Some Healthy Trivia (Answers included)

1.  Botanically speaking, which are the following, a Fruit or Vegetable?

  • Bell Pepper – Fruit
  • Asparagus – Vegetable
  • Squash – Fruit
  • Garlic – Vegetable
  • Pumpkin – Fruit
  • Tomato – Fruit
  • Potato – Vegetable
  • Cucumber – Fruit
  • Avocado – Fruit

2. The average American eats how many pounds of apples in a year? 18.6

3. The citizens of what country consume the most fresh vegetables each year? China

4.  What is the most exported fruit from the United States based on weight?  Oranges

5.  How many bee visits are needed, on average, for proper pollination for large melons? 10-15

6.  A cucumber is how many degrees cooler than the outside air? 20

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