Epicurean Shea Butter Company

After having seen Epicurean Shea Butter Company being sold on the shelves of big time natural product retailers, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw their booth at DC’s Eastern Market last Saturday! As well as the company is doing, it’s so nice to see them keeping up with this booth that allows people to see and try the entire array of shea butter-based products. I found out that this company was founded on a family tradition of soap making, in a garage in Maryland in 2001. So it turns out they still keep in touch with their point of origin and sell at local venues like the Eastern Market.

After a good deal of debate, I decided on the Shea Butter Moisturizer titled ‘Blessing‘. This moisturizer is unique because it’s a soft solid so you have to dig into it a little bit, but then it goes on really smoothly. And the smell… the smell is absolutely what sold me. Putting just a little bit on the back of my hand makes me think that I’m suddenly in a garden filled with lilacs and gardenias. The scent is that good. It even fills the room when you put it on, but it’s not overpowering because it smells so real! In terms of scent, this is by far one of my favorite beauty products now. Not to mention how smooth and healthy my skin feels when I use it.

Photo Credit: Epicurean Shea Butter Company

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