Thyme to make your home smell magnificent!

Thymes is an entirely woman-run company that makes fantastic bath, body, home, and fragrance products with women specifically in mind. The first product by Thymes that I am currently experiencing in my home is one of their Reed Diffusers. The diffusers come in such interesting scents like Tamarind Lychee, White Persimmon, and Oolong Cassis, just to name a few. I went with the timely seasonal choice of Frasier Fir. Within minutes of opening the daintily designed glass bottle, it smelt like someone had been crushing pine needles in my living room for hours! The festive, wintry fragrance totally enveloped the room in an intense yet natural aroma.  Although it smells mainly of Siberian pine needles, it actually also has cedarwood and sandalwood in the mix as well. I’m very sensitive to smell and I’m happy to say that this diffuser does not overwhelm me (give me headaches, etc.) I’m curious to smell more of the scent options because they all sound so interesting and luxurious! They are also 98% organic and eco-friendly.

Photo Credit: Thymes, LLC

Thymes is also available for purchase on This website enables buyers to support a school or charity of their choice with every purchase!

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