Naturity’s Sugar Scrubs

Naturity‘s sugar scrubs are all 99.5% certified organic. I recently tried the Lavender Sugar Scrub, which has only 5 ingredients (Demerara Sugar, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and non-GMO vitamin E oil) Of course, I say the simpler the better when it comes to beauty products. This scrub has all of the ingredients it needs to be exfoliating, moisturizing, and fragrant. Personally (both with what I usually buy or make), I’m used to a scrub that has finer grains than this one, which definitely has a significantly larger yet smooth grain (see picture below). If this looks/sounds up your alley then this is your scrub! To me, the best thing about this scrub is its ultra pure and relaxing scent of lavender (I couldn’t differentiate between smelling this scrub and my bottle of 100% lavender essential oil!).

Photo Credit: Naturity LLC

20% off CleanWell Foaming Hand Sanitizer

I recently wrote about CleanWell‘s All Natural Hand Sanitizer. Now CleanWell is offering another great All Natural Hand Sanitizer and this time it’s a foam! For a limited time get 20% off the CleanWell All-Natural Foaming Hand Sanitizer Two Pack at CleanWell’s webstore. Just enter discount code “lovefoam” at checkout! Good until February 22, 2010.

Photo Credit: CleanWell Company

NUDE Skincare

NUDE Skincare just has so, so much to offer! First of all, it’s 100% natural and  free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and mineral oil. Secondly, the whole line contains probiotics that deliver active proteins and amino acids directly into your skin. It’s just genuis — if probiotics are so good for us on the inside, it makes perfect sense that they would benefit our outermost layer!

Due to the fabulous gifting of a fabulous friend (thank you Jen!), I have had the best introduction to NUDE with a set that includes Cleansing Facial Oil, Moisturising Body Cream, Age Defence Moisturiser, Replenishing Night Oil, Miracle Mask, and Advanced Eye Complex. I have definitely seen a difference in my skin since I started using the line (exactly 1 month ago). My skin seems clearer, more balanced, and just happier (yes, skin can be happy too). I simply love every one of the products in the kit.  I especially adore the Moisturizing Body Cream, which has Hyaluronic Acid and the most divine floral scent, which NUDE says is hibiscus, but I was thinking jasmine..either way – LOVE it!!

This line has gotten such great press and has fans like Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen.  NUDE is truly THAT good. And it is a must-try for anyone looking for really effective natural, skincare. And some additional bonuses — the company never tests on animals and is carbon neutral. You just have to try it.

Photo Credit: NUDE Skincare

Skincare for a Madame

Lubatti is a UK-based skincare line whose namesake and origin go back over eighty years to Madame Lubatti, a homeopath and self-made skincare expert to English royalty. The founder of Lubatti, Tracy Malone, grew up watching Madame Lubatti and her mother formulate homemade yet high-end products. And today, the tradition lives on in products that feel wholesome and extravagant at the same time. 

My current Lubatti favorite is their Tuberose & Mimosa Pure Indulgence Bath Oil. I chose it because I thought the unique floral combination would smell heavenly and I was right. This blend of almond, jojoba oil, and avocado oil is ideal for putting on right after a warm bath or shower. You could also add a capful to your bath water. The consistency is nice because it’s not too heavy, but is definitely hydrating. 

The Lubatti Collection also includes an almond & vitamin E cleansing cream, orange & jojoba day cream, and an aloe vera & rose day and night face gel just to name a few. 

Photo Credit: Lubatti Ltd

Nature’s Answer to Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (aka stria) are very common, but not commonly enjoyed.  The usual culprits of this tearing and scarring of the skin include rapid growth, pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss. Given the fact that one, if not all, of these are experienced in the course of one’s lifetime, stretch marks are pretty much unavoidable it seems. However, I do know of one natural remedy to stretch marks — blackthorn oil. The fruit and flower of the blackthorn shrub are said to strengthen the connective tissue of skin and minimize the appearance of stretch marks. If you’re wondering who makes such an oil, I would definitely suggest Dr. Hauschka’s Blackthorn Body Oil. This one is a combination of blackthorn, birch leaf, and St. John’s Wort (all skin revitalizing ingredients). 

Unfortunately, even with nature’s aide stretch marks can diminish over time, but not disappear completely. But try the blackthorn oil and maybe beat the odds! :) 

Photo Credit: Dr Hauschka Skin Care

Easy Reflexology

I’m a huge fan of reflexology. One really simple reflexology activity that you can do, at home or at the office, is rolling a golf ball underneath your feet. All you have to do is gently roll a golf ball back and forth underneath each foot (with just socks on or barefoot) from top to bottom. I usually do this for about 3-5 minutes on each foot. This is so easy to do, so great for sore feet, and beneficial to your whole body!

Hawaiian Lavender!

One of my oldest and dearest friends brought me back such a treat from her honeymoon in Maui — a set of body care products (pictured below) and dark chocolate all infused with lavender harvested from the lavender farm (AKL Maui) she visited there! I had no idea that lavender was grown in Hawaii! It’s interesting because the products definitely have a unique lavender scent, unlike any other lavender-scented product I’ve ever smelt (and I’ve smelt a lot).  If you’re ever in Maui, you should definitely check out the the beautiful gardens of Ali`i Kula Lavender. I’m so excited that I got to experience some of the AKL Maui products because it has exposed me to a whole new lavender! (Thanks Nicole :))

Photo Credit: The Lavender Farm Inc.

The Biogreen® Memory Foam Pillow

I have always been pretty simplistic when it comes to my pillows with no preference in brand. I just don’t like a pillow to be too thick and I like them more on the firm side. I recently tried a quite sophisticated pillow called the Biogreen® Memory Foam Pillow. These pillows are really unique because they are memory foam, but are completely free of the usual dangerous chemicals that come with memory foam. You can use this pillow the way it comes (as pictured below) or if  it doesn’t fit you correctly, the cover can be unzipped and the outer memory foam material can be unattached.  This second option results in a thinner pillow underneath and the ability to roll up the outer shell into an additional bolster type pillow.

At first, I was a little confused on how to position this pillow beneath me. I found out that it’s generally recommended that you always place the larger bump closest to your shoulders — this will keep your head in proper alignment.  You may even want to pull the pillow down against the shoulders, so the pillow can really contour the whole of your neck curvature, along with properly transitioning the upper back/shoulder areas.

If you’ve never used a memory foam pillow before, I think that it takes a little bit of getting used to (not that it’s uncomfortable, but obviously quite different from a standard pillow). I haven’t had any problems to attempt to eliminate through the use of the pillow, but I’ve heard of people experiencing health benefits as a result of the switch. If you’re going to try a memory foam pillow definitely go with this green version!

Photo Credit: ©Relief-Mart™

Can You Guess What This Is?

When I first glanced at this picture below I thought it was a diffuser of some sort, but then I saw the title – Countertop Bag Dryer.  I like! I often think to myself “this ziploc really doesn’t deserve to go in the garbage just yet..” A lot of times, especially if the contents were dry, I simply reuse it. However, those times when the bag needs to be washed out I unfortunately usually end up throwing it out because how and where is it going to dry properly? Well here’s an answer! If you’re thinking $20 is a little pricey, it is made from sustainably harvested birch and ash woods, AND it’s not an eyesore!

Photo Credit: Gaiam, Inc.

More Good to Know House Plant Info!

Aside from my bamboo, I currently have one other house plant and that would be my very large peace lily. Peace lilies are another easy to keep bunch, but my care hasn’t been optimal the past few months so I guess even the easy plants can show their lack of proper care.

The main problem is that leaves have been turning brown on the tips and edges. I did some research and it looks like there are several possible causes:

  • Too much water – keeping the soil constantly wet –> Solution: allow the soil to dry and try to water just before the leaves start to wilt (I try to do this and when I do, it’s so cool how quickly the leaves noticeably spring back to life )
  • Hard water or softened water –  excess minerals can cause brown leaf edges and tips –> Solution: switch to distilled or filtered water.
  • Too much fertilizer – also adds an excess of minerals to soil –> Solution: fertilize only when the plant is looking hearty and dilute the fertilizer with H2O to about half its strength or less.

I read that you can trim off the brown tips and edges so I did just that this weekend. I have to say that I did a good cutting job because you really can’t tell and now I can determine if I have eliminated the cause! I’ll keep you posted.

Not the greatest picture, but it’s definitely looking much better…

Photo Credit:


Try alternate nostril breathing! If you’ve done yoga, you might already be familiar with this mellowing technique, which is used to help calm the mind and nervous system. This is one of my favorite things to do to de-stress.  One of the reasons I love it is because it’s so easy to do anytime, anywhere once you get the gist of it..

How to:

*Ideally do this while sitting

  1. Use your right thumb to block your right nostril. Breathe deeply through your left nostril (a count of 4 seconds is good)
  2. Right away, close the left nostril with your right ring finger while simultaneously removing your thumb from your right nostril, and exhale through your right nostril (for a count of 8 seconds).
  3. Inhale through the right nostril (4 seconds), close the right nostril with your thumb, and exhale through the left nostril (8 seconds)

That completes 1 full round. Repeat again if desired.

**Do not attempt if you have a cold or if your nasal passages are blocked in any way!