The Biogreen® Memory Foam Pillow

I have always been pretty simplistic when it comes to my pillows with no preference in brand. I just don’t like a pillow to be too thick and I like them more on the firm side. I recently tried a quite sophisticated pillow called the Biogreen® Memory Foam Pillow. These pillows are really unique because they are memory foam, but are completely free of the usual dangerous chemicals that come with memory foam. You can use this pillow the way it comes (as pictured below) or if  it doesn’t fit you correctly, the cover can be unzipped and the outer memory foam material can be unattached.  This second option results in a thinner pillow underneath and the ability to roll up the outer shell into an additional bolster type pillow.

At first, I was a little confused on how to position this pillow beneath me. I found out that it’s generally recommended that you always place the larger bump closest to your shoulders — this will keep your head in proper alignment.  You may even want to pull the pillow down against the shoulders, so the pillow can really contour the whole of your neck curvature, along with properly transitioning the upper back/shoulder areas.

If you’ve never used a memory foam pillow before, I think that it takes a little bit of getting used to (not that it’s uncomfortable, but obviously quite different from a standard pillow). I haven’t had any problems to attempt to eliminate through the use of the pillow, but I’ve heard of people experiencing health benefits as a result of the switch. If you’re going to try a memory foam pillow definitely go with this green version!

Photo Credit: ©Relief-Mart™

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