Recently Added to the Lineup

A product that’s in CVS and has the word “organics” easily sparked my interest this past weekend. I was in the market for a new conditioner and this Renpure Organics was talking pure, organic, green tea, chamomile, soy protein and that was all before I even got to the ingredients list. I also somewhat enjoyed the positive self-affirmation (“i love my hair!”) on the front of the bottle, but would I really “love my hair!” after my next shower?

Well in regards to the “organics” – it turns out that the conditioner has 3 organic ingredients (total ingredients = over 15). But wait, did I forget to mention this product of interest was $4.99, but would be $0.40 (cost of a stamp) after the mail-in rebate. Yes, I’ve done this before and they really give you back whatever you paid. I like this.

But my “free” conditioner went out the window, or more like into the garbage can, when I deposited the receipt there in my very immediate and habitual manner. I try to keep the clutter low! And would I really return said conditioner and/or super expensive razors? Not likely, but no receipt = no freebie. So, oh well, I’m happy to say it was $4.99 well spent for one of CVS’ more natural choices. My hair definitely felt super soft and smelled noticeably fresh and sweet after I dried it. And yes, I was kind of loving my hair (!).

Photo Credit: Renpure Organics

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