Nature’s Gatorade

Forget those neon colored, artificially flavored sports drinks and switch to coconut water already! The naturally sweet and delicious liquid inside of the well-known tropical treat has 15 times the electrolytes (specifically potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous) of a typical sports drink! Whether you’re trying to replenish after some serious physical activity or perhaps (hopefully not) recovering from some stomach ills, this is my very highly recommended natural choice. Wondering where to find this splendid beverage? It’s definitely at your nearest health food store, but it’s also quite likely in stock at your local CVS these days. I think the word has definitely gotten out!

Vita Coco

5 thoughts on “Nature’s Gatorade

  1. Coconut water! I have to get used to the taste. I still have the bottle that you bought for my house when you were here last… is it still good? XO

  2. Vita Coco is better than Zico, because it’s not made from concentrate and has no added sugars while tasting better. But I do agree that coconut water in general is delicious!

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