Fresh & Fruity Body Washes

With options like Red Raspberry, Green Apple & Ginger, Italian Red Grape, and Bulgarian Lavender, Desert Essence Organics Body Washes are the perfect springtime shower accessory! All of the varieties contain natural, botanical ingredients. They are not super moisturizing or oily (traits you would want in the winter months). Rather, they are nourishing yet refreshing and I just love the colorful, photographic packaging. Desert Essence also makes handwash in some of the same scents with the same bright style of packaging.

Photo Credit:, LLC

4 thoughts on “Fresh & Fruity Body Washes

  1. This website is amazing. It’s visually stunning (including my photos LOL, but I’m impressed with yours and Dylans) , it’s so informative and you know me, I chose the at home births, Natural is how I like to go. Formed from the Earth and clean. I’m just totally impressed with your range of knowledge in this field. Keep up the good work. Love You.

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