Fashion Forecasting

As if figuring out what to wear each morning wasn’t hard enough then you throw it that small detail we call weather and you can really find yourself tearing apart your closet. I know every woman can relate to such mornings, when the clothes are flying, outfit after outfit is rejected…Sometimes, after this storm of fabric, you end up with something that makes you smile… but then you walk outside and oh no, you realize you’re totally not dressed appropriately in the end. Of course, I’m sure some of us stay very on top of the daily forecast so these mistakes are avoided (too hot, too cold, no rain boots, etc), but even with the weather man’s input, it can still be tricky! Want some help dressing both cute and climate-appropriate? I found the best site – The Weather Stylist. Just type in your zip and there it is – not just your local weather, but a whole array of outfits to choose from! There’s even brand and pricing information for each item. Getting dressed was never so easy.

Graphics Courtesy of The Weather Stylist

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