A Healthy Twist on Hot Dogs

I am a big fan of sauerkraut and Bubbie’s is definitely my new favorite brand. I love it for the taste and I love it even more for its high probiotic content.

A reminder of what’s to love about probiotics:

  • They improve immune function
  • They help to produce vitamin K
  • They suppress the growth of potentially harmful bacteria
  • They assist in replacing the good bacteria that is depleted by illness and/or certain medications

Most of the time, I pair it with my fav non-meat hot dogs (tofu pups) and I put them together on a piece of whole wheat toast topped with lots of spicy brown mustard (a whole wheat hot dog bun would obviously be a good choice as well, but I’ve just always folded a piece of lightly toasted bread and made that my bun).

I had a beef hot dog for the first time last 4th of July… Call me crazy, but I’ve loved these vegetarian impostures for so long that even after a glimpse at the true blue, I’m still sticking with my old favorite.  If you aren’t into the lack of meat in your dog, that’s ok, but make it a point to avoid the cured and nitrite-ridden varieties that have been linked to higher rates of certain cancers, as well as diabetes. (See this article – The reason why processed meats are so dangerous to your health)

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