Good News 24-7

I often hear people complaining about how depressing the news is these days and I have to agree – when was the last time you really felt uplifted after you watched the news? Want a break from the usual? I did some searching and I found the answer for people who are looking for news of the positive kind. finds all of the good news of the world and puts it in one place. Story categories include Animals, Artists and Love – how could the news not be upbeat? Love it!

To give you a taste of what I mean, here are a few stories I enjoyed:

Cupcake Dream: Couple Walks Away From Jobs; Bakes Up Biz

Dad & Daughter Create Bond With 3,218 Bedtime Stories

Lavender Enlightens

Mother of the Bride Helps Deliver Stranger’s Baby

4 thoughts on “Good News 24-7

  1. Annie,
    you are just a ray of sunshine! You have a very inspiring, positive spirit. I love that about you! God Bless you for all of the positive information that you share with your readers everyday. I truly appreciate it. I have to go and check this link out, love good news! Keep inspiring! :)

    God Bless,

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