Eat to Beat Sunburn

It’s that time of year again! While everyone is familiar with external protection from the sun (hats, sunblocks, etc) there’s also some internal options as well. Both watermelons and tomatoes contain high levels of  lycopene, which help protect against sunburn by neutralizing free radicals produced by sun exposure. Pretty cool, right? So make it a point to stock up on these two delicious fruits, especially during the sunny, summer months!

Source: has a suggestions for combining these 2:

Stacked Watermelon and Heirloom Tomato Salad

7 thoughts on “Eat to Beat Sunburn

  1. oh wow i had no idea!!! I’ve had an obsession with sun protection for a couple of years now. I enjoy a tan but honestly I want my skin to stay soft and wrinkle free!! This is something I’ll def incorporate in my diet! Thanks for the tip!!! xoxo

  2. very interesting although I’m going to try not to go out too much at noon or in the day at all…but if I fail to keep to that I will try to remember this

  3. Hi Annie,
    Well let me load up on some tomatoes and watermelon! thanks for the tips. i really love your blog, you’re all about health. love that! i want to say thank you for the “Happy Birthday” wish. very sweet of you, and i truly appreciate it. and again, lovely blog! have a good day! :)

    God Bless,

  4. good thing you load us up, and good thing i have more protection because I’m Welsh, you know, the southern UK-more olivey skinned celts….;)

  5. i’m eating a caesar salad and threw in a few cherry tomatoes… as i read this i’m looking at the bottom of my bowl and i realize that i have quite a few left! you can be sure i’m going to eat them instead of throwing ’em out, especially since i got quite a bit of sun on that mexico trip! timely tip ;)

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