Lighten Up Ladies

…with your handbags that is. A very, very common cause of women experiencing back pain can be traced to their lovely carrying devices. We all know how much we ridiculously try to pack into our bags on a daily basis. We love to have our “essentials”, but we never love the agony of actually carrying it all on our shoulder. In addition, we really don’t love the persistent pain that sometimes occurs as a result.

I know most ladies aren’t willing to give up their beloved large bags, but we can all at least try to to pack them with no more than 10% (as an absolute max) of our body weight. There are also some bags that cause less pain than others. The style of bag that causes the least pain is one with a long strap that can be positioned across the chest. If you’re unwilling to go for the longer strap, you can still do yourself a favor and try to switch shoulders every 10-20 minutes. Also, start making it a habit to leave your shoulder bag at home and use a clutch instead when you can. I do this on the weekends and it is sooo liberating! Try it out.. your back and chiropractor will definitely thank you.

Pretty, but potential to be painful so pack light… 

Charlton Tote, Gold {MICHAEL KORS}


 It won’t fit as much, but it’s cute, affordable and can be worn crossbody or used as a clutch…

Hollywood Intuition Clutch {}

4 thoughts on “Lighten Up Ladies

  1. You are so right. Most of the time my bag is filled with things I don’t even need ( or realize are in there) !!!
    Crossbody is definitely most comfy and it’s probably a good thing not to carry a million little things with you all day.

  2. Hallelujah Annie, well said!

    I look at some of these women carrying these bags and you’ll think they’re hiding a small child in them. Like you said, just lighten up. I “LOVE” big bags, but you do have to watch what you carry in them. They’ll wear your shoulder out. Think about the forearm too. How painful that has to be. Ouch! I like the cross over bags, they’re much more comfortable. The clutch, of course is easiest. I love the clutch bag. Again, good info.

    Thanks for visiting! Wishing you a wonderful weekend too! :)

    God Bless,

  3. I agree…I still wear big bags but I just dont put so much into them:)
    I used to have such a back-pains:)
    Kisses darling and enjoy your Tuesday

  4. Your absolutely right! I always wear big bags and there’s prob only 3 or 4 items out of the 30 or so I stuff in there that I actually use!!! haha I did purchase a new cross shoulder small bag that I wear on weekends though. Time to give my back a break! xoxox

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