10 Fat-Burning Carbs

This week a reader requested some dietary recommendations for healthy weight loss and a day later I came across this list on Health.com:  10 Fat-Burning Carbs. Perfect timing!

The list includes:


Brown Rice


White beans




Garbanzo beans

Pearl barley

Whole-wheat pasta


8 thoughts on “10 Fat-Burning Carbs

  1. Oh phew! I’m so happy potatoes are on there! :D They get such a bad wrap. But I’m also happy to see my favorites, oatmeal and ww pasta, on there too! :D

  2. i love this list. try to keep a good dose of natural fat burners in the daily diet, but have to lose some common ones b/c of the gluten factor. green tea does wonders and i already love it!!

    ps – your newest follower. xo

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