Better Sunscreens

While the mainstream has everyone covering themselves from head to toe, 24-7 to protect against the dangers of the sun, what about the dangers of what you’re slathering all over your largest organ (your skin)? Not all sunscreens were made equal. The problem with most of the sunscreens on the market is that they contain ingredients that in fact might be causing allergic reactions as well as cellular changes, and hence cancer! Hard to believe, right?

Ideally you would never ever spend excessive amounts of time in the sun and never let yourself get a sunburn. Since, that’s virtually impossible for most, here are some options that do the same job of protecting, but have a much safer profile overall. These mineral-based options deflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them, which is what synthetic chemicals do.

As usual, the natural route is a little pricier and harder to find, but the price tag is definitely worth it and your closest health food store should have at least one or more of these options. It’s summer so definitely enjoy the sun, but try to do it naturally more safely!

California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion ($19.99)

Desert Essence Age Reversal Mineral Sunscreen in SPF 30 ($15.99)

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield SPF 28 ($19.19)

And last, but not least I was going to add my much loved Dr. Hausckha option, but I see this very sad news: Dr.Hauschka Skin Care discontinues existing sun care range.

Very sad. I used this one a couple years ago and really loved it, especially for sensitive skin.

Well there are still a bunch of options here, but let me know if anyone wants more or has questions!


13 thoughts on “Better Sunscreens

  1. Thanks for the tips. Currently I was just using Trader Joe’s Brand which I believe is organic or all natural? Do you have any tips on Body Lotion with SPF? Ive been an SPF maniac this summer but I hate having to put on body lotion THEN Sunscreen.
    xo M

  2. This is so scary. Thanks for all these options, the only natural one I have is the Aubrey that you sent me last summer. I love the green apple one from Juice Beauty for the face too.. is that one safe?


  3. Hi Monique!
    Here are a few good options for natural body lotions with spf:
    *Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Sheer Moisturizer –
    *Jason Natural Products Hand & Body Lotion SPF 15 Fragrance Free –
    * Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Moisturizer SPF 15 4oz –

    Hi Nikki!
    Yes, Juice Beauty is another great brand.
    Here is a link to all of their spf products:

    Thanks for your questions girls!! XO

  4. Thank you for the tips! I go through sunscreen like water during the summer and I’m always looking for great products. I’ll definitely have to try some of these.


  5. Annie I’ve been using Neutrogena non-greasy 85SPF…and i’m scared to look on these lists for fear that they may be a no-no…I’m going to suck it up and examine. And then take your advice and go grab one of the ones listed. My mantra is: skin is a transdermal – and i don’t want my poor organs subjected to a ton of toxic chemicals – or at least no more than usual :(


  6. I think that’s a great idea, Carrie :) You definitely wanting to be looking for (and avoiding) oxybenzone and PABA. You’re so right – Skin is definitely a transdermal.. I always think how if someone is to go natural with just a few products the ones we actually leave on our skin (like moisturizers, sunblocks & deodorants) are definitely top priority!

    In good health,

  7. I’ve looked around for a natural sunscreen too. I found one at Whole Foods that smells tropical. I like it because it’s oil-free so I can put it on my face too.

  8. Those are great tips….I really am bad with the whole sun protection deal…I have to get better with it:)
    Kisses sweetie and enjoy your day:)

  9. What a healthy selection of sunscreens; all are great choices. Another one that I have come to trust is Dr. Mercola’s brand. In fact, I need to buy more, our afternoon at the pool used up the last of our bottle!

  10. Thanks for the sunscreen tips – now all I have to do is force myself to go to the store and buy one (oh and also trick Wes into wearing it as well)
    I noticed recently that Bed Bath and Beyond has a natural market section which has a lot of Badger products. I bought a Badger cocoa butter lip balm and I am obsessed! It’s really moisturizing, as opposed to Burt’s Bees which I like but is too waxy and not moisturizing enough. BB’s is good for the beach though!

  11. One more thing – that lotion you gave me (the gardenia scented one) is so amazing and I would recommend to everyone!

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