8 Steps to Better Digestion

  1. Do nothing but eat while you are eating
  2. Thoroughly chew each bite
  3. Drink plenty of warm or room temperature water daily
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Take a hot bath at least once a week
  6. Eat only when you are hungry, stop before you are full (also #1 when it comes to healthy weight managment!)
  7. Drink teas that aid digestion like ginger and fennel
  8. Incorporate probiotics into your diet daily (a great choice: unsweetened yogurt)

6 thoughts on “8 Steps to Better Digestion

  1. # 6 completely resonates with me. I lost a stubborn 5-6 pounds after cutting what I ate in half…meaning eating 1/2 a sandwich at lunch instead of a whole one or sharing an entree with my husband at dinner. I think it’s ok to walk away from a meal not being completely full. I feel better and it’s great for calorie control and weight management. And, the fennel is very true. Indians tend to eat fennel after meals (I am in Indian!) to aid in digestion!
    Great tips!

  2. I like this quick and easy line up of tips a lot. I never knew about the hot bath. I LOVE hot baths. Do hot tubs count? This gives me a good excuse to pamper myself ;) Thanks Annie!

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