Be a Misfit

I came across this article this morning and really enjoyed it… hope you do too!

Misfit Entrepreneurs by Dan Pallotta

Imagine Walt Disney at the age of nineteen. His uncle asks him what he plans to do with his life, and he pulls out a drawing of a mouse and says, “I think this has a lot of potential.”

Or Springsteen. In a concert he once told the story of how he and his dad used to go at it — how his father hated his guitar. Late one night, Springsteen came home to find his father waiting up for him in the kitchen. His father asked him what he thought he was doing with himself. “And the worst part about it,” Springsteen says, “was I never knew how to explain it to him.” How does he tell his father, “I’m going to be Bruce Springsteen?” {full article}

9 thoughts on “Be a Misfit

  1. What an inspirational article! I never thought about Walt Disney that way, but it’s so true. How crazy would we have thought he was if we knew him back then! Great post, Annie! I’m truly inspired.


  2. the tea tastes gooood, haha – it just tastes like sweetened tea, basically – it’s called Chaya and I just got it at a random little bakery place in the mall! I usually choose pop or something, but way glad i chose this this time :)

  3. Annie I loved this so much. You have impeccable timing…this was just the thing I needed at just the right moment.

    Today’s been a day.

    Thanks so much,
    ps-can i add you to my blog roll?
    oh – and $825 for boots is cr-azy…but it was a dream world…hehe

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