Naturally Clean – White Vinegar

White Vinegar’s cleaning power is about as strong as it’s pungent odor. It kills 99% of bacteria, which actually makes it more effective than a lot of popular chemical cleaners! It’s also quite economical.

How to use it: Mix equal parts H20 and vinegar in a spray bottle.

When to use it:

  • to clean countertops and tile floors
  • to kill insects
  • to kill mildew and mold (use full strength for this one)
  • 1001 more…


15 thoughts on “Naturally Clean – White Vinegar

  1. Alejandra, I totally hear that concern – the smell is quite strong! I think it does dissipate if you give it some time, but again, I totally hear you. One thing I’ve done to make it less unpleasant is to add several drops of lavender essential oil into the mixture of vinegar and water. This definitely helps but unfortunately, that vinegar smell is still going to be there, but at least it’s not hazardous to your health (like bleach, etc)! There’s always the option of using odorless peroxide (our fav ;))

  2. I use it…!!! It really is great:)


    Ps: I always wanted to ask you whats best for a very sensitive skin…with delicate cells? ( face)….I am so limited with what I can use…

    Ps: I hope you had a chance to enter in my GIVEAWAY….if you didnt then hurry up:) hahaha

  3. Great tips, I use it to clean up after my pooch!! I work really long days, so sometimes he tinkles in his room…and the vinegar always oes the trick!!


  4. The smell OH the smell. I bought a natural cleaner line and everything smells like vinegar. I am using it because I have it but I am going to have to make my own and try to add some oils.

    We use it for the coffee maker too!

  5. Okay hello to vinegar!! I’ve been using it mixed into the water on floors and countertops for years…thanks to my brills mom :)

    Awesome mention here b/c i dont’ know if people realize how excellent it is.


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