Tested on Actresses…

Never on Animals. That’s the cute catchphrase of Hamadi Organics , a hair care line made with 100% organic plant extracts and essential oils, which translates into incredible scents and results via the natural route, or should I say root. I’m so happy I discovered them because so far every product (including their hair wash, conditioner, and healing serum) I’ve tried has given me great results, especially their Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash.  This shampoo is definitely one of my favorites now because I love how it’s both cleansing and nourishing (my 2 favorite qualities in a shampoo). It also smells simply delicious in a very clean and tropical way with essential oils of ginger, sweet orange, and rosewood. Now I’m dying to try their other two hair washes now – Honey Soymilk & Lemon Mint (yum & yum!)

I love that they offer free gift packaging AND free exchanges within 30 days. With those two pieces of info, you should definitely test them out soon! Has anyone tried already?

13 thoughts on “Tested on Actresses…

  1. I like the catchphrase! It reminds me of a make-up artist at Bobbi Brown who said that the products are tested on the employees in the NY office (they don’t test on animals, either) :-) I bet it smells nice…

  2. I love trying new shampoos, actually experts say you should change your shampoo/conditioner every few months. I will be cycling this one in.


  3. Thank you for the kind comments on my site… yours is filled with some many great resources! Next time I am in need of some shampoo, I will definitely consider this, you make a very convincing case!

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