Lulu Organics

We all have that day (or days ) that we would rather not take the time and effort to wash and dry our hair, right? Well lucky for us ladies, we now actually have a good amount of products out there specifically created to assist us in our hair washing delay and no one would ever know we haven’t washed our hair for __ number of days! The only thing is that the ingredients in a lot of these powders and sprays are questionable and since we’re putting this stuff directly onto our scalp it would definitely be a good idea to use a natural product.  If anyone is looking for a hair powder that is talc free and made entirely of natural ingredients then definitely check out Lulu Organics Hair Powder. There aren’t a ton of natural options in this category so I was really excited to find Lulu’s. I have it now in the travel size, which (surprise, surprise) makes it very easy to bring on trips, to the office, etc. It works just as you would hope by absorbing excess oil and refreshing hair with a subtle scent of lavender and clary sage.  Just imagine those hours saved…

While I’m talking about Lulu Organics, I also have to mention another product I’m loving by them right now – their Cardamom Lip Balm. It’s a mix of five organic oils and beeswax, which makes for a perfect consistency and a really nice shine when you put it on your lips. The flavor is also very unique – turns out its a mix of cardamom, mint, and tangerine. I didn’t guess those flavors right off the bat, but now that I know, it’s like “yes, that is what it smells/tastes like!”  The cardamom definitely adds a very earthy flavor, most likely one you’ve never experienced before (there aren’t a ton of cardamom lip products floating around out there). To me, it was a bit unsettling at first, but it’s really grown on me and now I put it on constantly. I should do a post of my favorite natural lip balms soon… this one will definitely make the list!

12 thoughts on “Lulu Organics

  1. I can’t live without lip balm, I go crazy when my lips are too dry! I’ve never tried hair powders or dry shampoos but maybe I should give it a try… I was just thinking again tonight that I’d like to wash my hair less frequently so maybe this would be a solution? I LIKE washing my hair but I just feel it would be better for my hair if I didn’t so often!

  2. Ok cardamom lip gloss sounds yummy…I would probably end up eating it. AND I had no idea about the lulu dry powder shampoo. I use an aerosol but no doubt this would be a much better option. And this is why I love your blog!

  3. Will have to try the hair powder- have never tried it but curious about it. Might need some tips though. Good find!

  4. I tried one a few years back in a spray can that worked GREAT! I do know that a girlfriend of mine used it as well and she’s a brunette and it was a little light for her.

    Can’t wait to try this one!!!

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