Some of the Healthiest Chips in Existence!

I just mentioned kale in Monday’s post and it seemed like a lot of people were interested in finding out more ways to enjoy it… Well here is one easy way – try snacking on these delicious kale chips made by New York Naturals. Yes, I said “kale” before “chips” and “delicious” before “kale”. They are actually really good! They’re also 100% raw and vegan. How do they get cripsy you might ask? They are air-dried at 115 degrees for up to fifteen hours.

I’m a huge vegetable lover, especially of leafy greens like kale, so I was expecting to like them, but I wasn’t expecting that from everyone else… I’m happy to say that my husband and several friends are also now fans. My point: you don’t have to be a crazy vegetable lover to think these taste good. I definitely like the “cheese” (they’re vegan) the best, then the ranch and then the spicy miso while my husband says the exact opposite.  Decide for yourself – either order them online or visit a store currently keeping them in stock (the most options are not surprisingly in New York). Here’s a cute story about the creation of this kale centric company: .


18 thoughts on “Some of the Healthiest Chips in Existence!

  1. I need to get some of these. Pronto! Yummy flavors too. I love a new snack, Annie. Especially a healthy one and kale is one of my faves too.


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