Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

I have been meaning to do a post about Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream and then when I was visiting Nikki last week, we spotted the truck! The perfect reminder and a chance to get a picture of the truck in person. However, the combination of having just finished a delicious and large brunch at The Park and it being 11am left us without the room nor the strong desire for a sweet treat. I know, sad because now I’m writing about it and unable to say for sure how delicious the ice cream is, but I have no doubts. All of their flavors (vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, ginger, coffee, giandujia, red currant, strawberry, and peppermint & chip) are 100% natural with 3 main ingredients: fresh hormone free milk/cream + egg yolks + pure cane sugar.  A husband and wife team started the company in Spring 2008 and already three of these cute yellow trucks can be spotted on the streets of New York City, as well as a new store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I love the story and the quality of the ice cream. Next time I see the truck I promise I’ll try it and report back. Or maybe Nikki will try sooner and let us know how it is! :)

What flavor is most appealing to you? Has anyone tried already?

Photo Credit: Dylan Price

18 thoughts on “Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

  1. I’ve heard so much about them and would also love to try! There’s something about ice cream trucks…takes me back to childhood :)

    And love those unusual flavors almost more than regular vanilla or chocolate (like the red currant – yum!)

  2. I like this post! What a good story and the fact that he doesn’t like high fructose corn syrup was impressive. I’m not in NYC much but would love to try it. :)

  3. This sounds wonderful! And it is a cute ice cream truck! I think I would try chocolate. But, I have yet to find a coffee ice cream that is as good as Starbucks, so maybe I would go with coffee to try it out!

  4. I forgot to tell you… WE TRIED IT YESTERDAY AFTER LUNCH!!!
    The truck was missing from the meatpacking district but we hunted one down on 15th & 5th. IT WAS AMAZING. I had pistachio and husband had mint chip. It was SO creamy and fresh tasting and so perfect because it felt like 1000 degrees out in nyc. Cant wait to try it with you next time you are here!!!!!!

    I noticed they made iced coffee too and it smelled and looked DELICIOUS! Ariel convinced me to only get ice cream though since we were walking home and my ice cream was already melting on my hands. xxxx

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