The Still Point

The Still Point holistic spa is a little haven of tranquility just 15 minutes from downtown DC in Takoma, Maryland. I hadn’t had a facial in over a year so I decided to go with their most “basic” signature facial ($90), which isn’t really basic at all. It involved black algae, a hydrating mask of local honey, extractions, as well as sonic dermabrasion (there was more, but these were my favorite aspects).

Wondering what sonic dermabrasion is? Unlike harsher micro dermabrasion, sonic dermabrasion consists of a 100% painless pulsating tool that gently glides across the surface of the face, using ultrasound to exfoliate, hydrate and lift the skin.  It removed all of the dead skin and left my face so, so smooth. I think I am now obsessed. I wish I had opened my eyes because I’m curious what the tool looked like exactly, but it was definitely very gentle and I loved the results.

As you can see from the pictures, the outside of the spa is just adorable while the inside is perfectly serene. Aside from all of the services offered, they also have a boutique with an array of  natural products from many unique and harder-to-find lines. Another cool aspect of the spa – they are 100% wind powered!

If you live anywhere in the DC metro area, The Still Point is definitely worth the short trip. I really want to go back for another facial and to try out acupuncture for the first time!

15 thoughts on “The Still Point

  1. I’ve never heard of them, so thank you for a lovely introduction! I’d love to try them out next time I visit the area. Beautiful pix & sounds like a wonderful experience! :)

  2. I want to go… amazing little place. I could so see you doing something like that :)

    Funny that my Mother used to live in that area when she first came to DC (long time ago).

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

  3. This looks wonderful! And from the prices I’ve seen at other salons and spas, $90 is really good for a facial! I think I may have to get Ian to drive me over there for my bday!! :D Thanks for sharing!

  4. This place looks and sounds so serene. I would love to try it out…sadly I’m in SoCal, but I did get some spa gc’s for my bday so I’m not completely down and out!!

    Have a great weekend, Annie.


  5. This place sounds like pure bliss. There’s almost nothing more relaxing to me than a good facial. I booked one for next week because it’s spa week here and they’re only $50! Score! Have a great weekend!


  6. Wow!!! It looks lovely! My boyfriend’s family is getting ready to move to the Va area next year and am going to try to check this place out! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I got a gift certificate to an organic spa for my b-day back in June and I’ve been “saving it.” Looks like it may be time to book that appointment!!

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