Quick Tip: Better Breath

Next time you’re out to eat, you might want to think twice about leaving that parsley on your plate. It’s not just a pointless garnish, eating it following a meal is actually the perfect way to freshen your breath sans a toothbrush. Thanks to parsley’s high chlorophyll content is is known to be a great natural cure for bad breath. The chlorophyll it contains is detoxifying, antibacterial, and deodorizing – quite the combination!

We had some friends over this weekend and I oddly offered them a glass of water and few sprigs of fresh parsley. I was just being silly, but they both ate all of the sprigs and even seemed to enjoy it to some degree. I think it definitely made their brief visit more memorable and now they’re in on this natural remedy, as are you!


12 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Better Breath

  1. What a great tip! I love that you served it to guests in their water and they liked it! I’m going to eat it next time I see it on my plate (or in my water). Haha.


  2. I will now be offering parsley as an after dinner treat whenever we have people over. The best part is that we always have some for because of the bunny. I love your tips and can’t wait to hang out again soon!

  3. My Shih Tzu ate all of my parsley last year so this summer we had to put it in a different place so he couldn’t reach it. Needless to say he had wonderful breath. :)

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