Black Tea & Your Feet

You or someone you know (or maybe even a four-legged friend) have issues with foot odor? You really don’t have to answer that, but here is a quick, natural remedy:

  • How to: Soak your feet in a bowl of very black tea* (like Lipton or Red Rose, etc) for about 5 minutes. *Make sure you really let the tea steep (get dark)

Why does this work? The tannins in the tea change the pH of your skin and should eliminate the odor!


19 thoughts on “Black Tea & Your Feet

  1. I’m telling the Chef about this. When he stands on his feet all day (which is a lot) it is not pretty. That’s all I’m saying. I may owe you big time, Annie.



  2. Ooh, I had NO idea! This sounds so relaxing! (I used to make a peppermint tea baths to soak in – this is much easier and sounds just as peaceful and nice :))

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