16 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Beautiful photos!! :D Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m sad I missed the Ballston Farmers Market. Hopefully I’ll find some red tomatoes tomorrow at the Courthouse Farmers Market. :D

  2. Love the pictures of September Fall , expecially the house and biker on road with vibrant Fall colors.. What’s Moothher? Dylan? Hope you’re having a great Saturday.sunny and breezy in Bradenton. Love You, Love You Love YOU XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO

  3. Annie , scalp problems are best solved by less washing, you need those God given oils, fish oils in product? are they clean? if on lips. Cardemom is great .. I Love those Nude products, when I use the eye cream I put a dot on one finger and wet another put them together and under the eyes ALWAYS from outer corner of eye in to nose and up between eyebrows. WATER is the very best moisture , I always dilute …either shampoo in the bottle or if I’m wearing something I dilute it in my hands.. When I use Panstick I put water on hand to smooth it onto face. Works for me…Youre site is great… Love the sound of that cherry peel too. Love You XXXXXXOOOOOOO

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