OR Chicken & White Bean Salad

Just FYI – My good friend and fellow blogger, Alleen tried this recipe already today, but with chicken instead of tuna. I was happy to hear that she loved it and so did her kids. Thanks for letting me know, Alleen!

6 thoughts on “OR Chicken & White Bean Salad

  1. Yummy! It sounds delicious with chicken too, I think I’ll have no choice but to try :) P.S. I do love reading about the French and food – haha, I’m even more behind b/c I’ve never even picked up French Women Don’t Get Fat! (I guess French women *won’t* get fat ;)

  2. It was a hit (chicken) with the entire family…rare with these little delicate palettes. It’s my new alternative to other carb side dishes!!!!!! Can’t wait to try it with tuna, though.

    Thank you for posting…I am spreading the word to all! :)

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