Apple Ice Cubes

I recently came across this beauty tip from one of the masters of skincare, Ole Henrisken. You simply pour some apple juice in an ice cube tray and allow it to freeze. Then once you have frozen cubes, glide one over the surface of freshly cleansed skin for a minute or two. The frozen juice contains alpha hydroxy acid, which is naturally anti-aging and helps the skin’s renewal process.  Henriksen says, “it feels like a mini facelift!”

The cubes are also quite tasty to add to seltzer or to have on their own as a refreshing treat.



22 thoughts on “Apple Ice Cubes

  1. I’m going out to buy apple juice tonight and try this. I believe in ANYTHING Ole Henrisken has to offer and this sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip, Annie!


  2. I will try this ice cube, makes sense to me. You ve been giving out great information on your site. Congratulations XXXXXX OOOOOOO Mom

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