Quick Headache Relief

This is a simple acupressure technique that is excellent to prevent a looming headache or to lessen the pain of an existing one. This is definitely one of my favorite natural remedies!

How to:

  1. Use your thumb and first two fingers (pointer & middle) of your right hand to press and massage the soft area between your thumb and pointer finger on the left hand.  Your right thumb should be on the top or back (nail side) of your hand and the other 2 fingers beneath on the palm side (You pretty much end up making the shape of a claw).
  2. Next, simply apply light to medium pressure and alternate between massaging and pressing that fleshy area of the left hand. Do this for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Switch and alternate hands.
  4. Continue this for a few minutes and continue doing it periodically throughout the day.


Massaging this area topically hits the acupuncture point known as He Gu or Large Intestine 4*. This point is commonly used in acupuncture for the relief of frontal headaches that might be a result from sinus pressure or congestion or jaw issues (like TMJ).

*Not recommended for pregnant women (it can induce labor!!)

I LOVE acupressure!! More posts coming soon…

21 thoughts on “Quick Headache Relief

  1. I’ve been getting acupuncture from the best woman ever for about 7 years…I had tmj and this is one she totally taught me for a quick fix. And a needle there works WONDERS!

    You have the best info woman!


  2. I’ve used this technique before with success…you only have to remember to lather, rinse, repeat! I also love using a few drops of lavender oil mixed with peppermint oil rubbed onto my forehead, temples, and back of neck. It works wonders as well!

  3. NOW you tell me! Could have used that bit of information 3 times in the past for labor induction! LOL

    Will be trying this… no recipes today? What am I going to do? :)


  4. Love this – I’m always getting migraines (do you have natural cures for that? :) ) – I’ve done this a few times for minor headaches and it helps a bit…actually, getting a massage from mark alwayyys helps because it reroutes the bloodflow through my head to my muscles!

  5. This is so great – I am saving this and trying it the next time a headache hits (luckily, not often…but it’s not fun when it happens!) I had a good laugh about the labor-inducing bit – hahaha, good to know! :)

  6. Wow this is awesome! I can never find panadol when I have a headache so I’m just going to remember this for next time. Love your blog as well by the way!

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