Detoxifying Body Wash

How about a body wash that not only cleanses your skin, but also claims to detoxify your entire body?! I’m talking about Collective Wellbeing’s Charcoal Body Wash. This sulfate-free concoction is definitely unlike anything I’ve tried before…It is very dark grey color (hello charcoal!) and has a very gooey, thick consistency.  I like the idea that a capful of this stuff contains tens of thousands of micro-sponges that work to remove impurities.  And the scent? It’s light and clean – specifically a mix of  juniper berries, lemongrass and sage. I would definitely recommend giving it a try! 


  • Active Charcoal: millions of super sponges that trap and soak up virtually all impurities that pass through them.
  • Zinc: fights acne-causing bacteria, helps skin heal, and lessens inflammation.
  • Juniper Berry (certified organic): has a tonic and cleansing effect on oily skin.
  • Sage (certified organic): astringent action on the skin and helps rebalance oiliness.

15 thoughts on “Detoxifying Body Wash

  1. I am liking the idea of a body wash like this that can detoxify too! This would be a great addition to eating healthy. The combination would really detoxify everything!

  2. Okay this is awesome. Totally bookmarking and buying for Christmas gift for the parents. They will be all over it!! I want to try it too…I’ve done a 3 month cleanse and it was great, but would be interested in what this might do in between.

    Thanks Annie!!


  3. Yes, I have tried it and I really like it! It’s so different from any body wash I’ve used before between the color, the consistency, the scent and what it claims to do! Definitely worth a try…

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