True Beauty Sleep

Want a pretty easy tip for decreasing wrinkles? Try sleeping on your back. I know, if you’re like me, sleeping on your stomach is sooooo comfortable. Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless preference technically speeds up the aging process – yikes! But how do you stop yourself ? (Reminder: you are asleep when you’re doing this) There actually is a remedy if you’re concerned and want some assistance. It’s appropriately called the Vanity Pillow. I have to warn you that it’s not cheap ($145), but it’s a whole lot less expensive than botox!


15 thoughts on “True Beauty Sleep

  1. You can get these same things at a baby store…you use them to keep the baby on their backs and they are a LOT cheaper. There are also “back sleeper” pillows at mattress and other home stores that sell pillows.

    Tried all things and when I’m really tired (which is most days) I end up on my stomach… hard habit to break!!

    Great post…safe travels!!!


  2. I can’t tolerate sleeping on my stomach. Maybe because there’s too much of it ? LOL

    The reason sleeping on your back is anti-wrinkle is because you’re working with gravity. If your face is pulling downward while lying back that keeps stuff from dropping right? Good deal. However, like Jessica I’m on my right side :-)

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