Beautiful Wedding Weekend

You might have noticed I’ve been somewhat MIA lately, but there’s good reason…Dylan and I got to walk down the aisle together again this weekend at my sister-in-law’s wedding in Lake Placid, NY! The occasion, people and scenery were already sure to make for a memorable weekend, but then you throw in an extremely unexpected snow storm on Friday and we’re really talking about a beautiful and unforgettable time! Luckily, the snow turned to rain on Saturday and stopped just minutes before the ceremony. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but wanted to share a few shots of the beautiful location.

Sarah and Wes, we love you both so much and hope you are having the most amazing honeymoon (they’re at the same spot as us, which was just over a year ago!)




18 thoughts on “Beautiful Wedding Weekend

  1. That is one dreamy location:)
    Ohh that had to be such a sweet wedding,sweetie
    Hugs and kisses and see you soon

    Ps: I am hosting a $50 gift certificate GIVEAWAY later on today, so please join in :)

  2. How wonderful! I love Lake Placid. I stayed at the Whiteface Lodge there with J & my best friend a few years ago. My best friend passed away 7 months later from breast cancer. It was such a wonderful time that I will remember and cherish forever and Lake Placid will always hold a special place in my heart

  3. I don’t know how I missed these two articles, Nicole’s visit ( love that pix that is supposed to be you &dylan at station) it would surely be you. XXXX OOOO The Lake Placid pix are so pretty, was able to get that adirondack chairs by lake one. haha Hope you’re having a great day, Love You both XXXXXXX OOOOOOOOO

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