Nettle Tea & Anemia

For anyone suffering from iron deficiency anemia (a disorder in which the red blood cells are reduced and sufficient oxygen is unable to be delivered to the body’s tissue) a great natural way to boost your iron intake is to have 1-3 cups/day of nettle tea. Nettle is an excellent plant-based source of iron, chlorophyll, folic acid and vitamin K. So whether you’re low on iron or just want a healthy boost of nutrients, this is a great choice!


21 thoughts on “Nettle Tea & Anemia

  1. Thank you for sharing. I wonder what this tastes like. It would be good for my daughter to try. She’s 15 but has a finicky taste.

    Also, I’m wondering if adding sweeteners will detract from the benefits. Of course, when I say sweeteners I’m thinking of organic agave – my fave!

  2. I’ve never heard of this tea before. Sounds great! I have wondered at times if I have been low on iron. It can’t hurt to have this regardless I’m sure!
    I hope your Monday is going well! :)

  3. What good info to know about nettle tea! Many women suffer from iron deficiency and don’t even know it. Tea is so good for so many ailments…have you ever tried fennel tea for digestive issues? Or try raspberry tea to balanace you out around your time of the month. Tea is so healing.

    It works wonders!

  4. Another great column Annie. I had a baked sweet potato, fresh beet (I made my beets and jarred) ear of corn(cut off cob) and the beet greens . YUM….. I had a turkey reuben after Sarah left, she declined one. was going out to dinner with Dad. Love you, Happy you had a visit with Nicole. Love You XXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOO

  5. I had brought Aunt Nancy up a teapot from Bealls that you make loose tea in, and Angela sent her bunch of teas from England (but in German lol all we could read was the title, we had late evening) it was great,and the tea stayed reallly hot, it made 4 cups and a bit more . Was a pretty green leaf design and $9.99 but I bought it on Monday and got 15% off. there’s still 4 left in the store. Love You, XXXXXX OOOOOOO

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