8 Yoga Poses for Vibrant Skin

Are there any yoga poses that directly target the health of your skin? Yes!

I’m looking forward to trying these out: Asanas for Acne: 8 Yoga Poses for Vibrant Skin


18 thoughts on “8 Yoga Poses for Vibrant Skin

  1. Good to know! I’ve heard that twists and inversions are great for circulation, which makes sense when it comes to better skin. Twists have never been my favorite yoga pose, but now I have a new appreciation for them. Thanks for the info! Hope you had a great weekend!


  2. I’ve been thinking of taking up yoga (after a hiatus so long, I count myself a pure novice :)), and this is a sign! Thanks for a wonderful tip, my skin always needs all the help it can get, lol! Hope your week’s off to a fabulous start!

  3. Forget the skin, I’m thinking killer abs!

    This is an interesting post because not many ppl know that the posing helps increase circulation and blood flow which is good for glowing skin :)

  4. I’m looking forward to trying these out myself. I’m all about great skin!! That first one shown is something my 6th grade phys.ed teacher used to have us do. How crazy is that??


  5. such a good reminder for me to do yoga. right now I am running and doing a lot of core fusion but I feel like I need some yoga to stretch and to loosen up my back a bit. Hey and if it helps with my skin all the better right? (thanks for your sweet comments today too!)

  6. Yoga is so wonderful for you! It gives you a sense of well being, allows you to breathe deeply, relaxes you, helps stretch your body, and now that I know it’s actually good for your skin too…even better! I also know facial yoga is great for natural anti-aging.

  7. I really like yoga, (when I do it, which isn’t as often as it should be) but I had no idea it could be good for clearing skin! I’m def going to have to incorporate these poses into my days, especially the stressed out ones! Thanks Annie!!

    xoxo, Ashley

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