Another Reason to Soak Your Feet

I’m so excited to tell you all that I have yet another reason to keep up one of my favorite daily habits – soaking my feet. I just read in this month’s Natural Health Magazine that according to Chinese medicine, the meridians (or channels of energy) that run through the ovaries and uterus begin in the feet.  By soaking your feet in warm water, you dilate the blood vessels hence shifting the blood flow to that area.  Good blood flow to the ovaries is crucial to ovarian health and follicular growth. If there is a lack of blood flow then there is usually a corresponding lack of egg health. The same goes for the uterus. This means that soaking your feet can be added to the list of natural things that have a positive effect on fertility!

So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s filling up the bath tub just enough to cover your feet, using an actual foot bath (like this one) or any other container that can fit your feet, foot baths are so easy to do, so relaxing and so good for your overall health! Very warm water alone is great, but I also love to add Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, essential oils (especially lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus) and even some flower petals or dried lavender.  It makes the foot bath even more fun and therapeutic!


My dad started me on this habit when I was a kid and I’ve loved it ever since. When I was little, it was followed by slathering our feet with Vaseline and putting on cozy socks right before heading to bed. Now it’s still followed by cozy socks and usually before bed, but these days it’s usually an all natural shea butter (like Organic Essence) instead. It’s especially great to do when you’re feeling stressed or run down. I just love how much better it ALWAYS makes me feel.

I already have Nikki and Dylan on board (did you both smile at this post?) and maybe you next!

19 thoughts on “Another Reason to Soak Your Feet

  1. Haha, yes, definitely an advocate of foot soaks, they feel awesome, even though you ‘force’ me to do them sometimes, I always thank you afterwards. Feels so rejuvenating.

  2. Oh, I had no idea! Plus, I haven’t pampered myself with a good foot soaking since forever – I think I’m next to hop on the bandwagon :) (Btw, I can *finally* follow you now, thanks to my computer doctor :)).

  3. Of course I smiled at this post! Takes me back to our high school days using bath&body works products! I love that there’s health benefits to this too because it is one of the most relaxing things ever!

  4. Love this…I have a tub especially for this and I always forget to use it. I am going to have to put it out in my bathroom to remind me. The kids absolutely love it and I sometimes follow with those heated (using microwave) lavender socks.

    Ohhh so nice!!


  5. I’m doing this tonight. It’s not like I’m looking to get pregnant or anything – at least not immediately – but it’s good to keep everything healthy in there for when the time comes. And I love what your dad had you guys do afterward w/the vaseline and socks. I’m pulling out a pair and setting them on the edge of the bed right away!!


  6. How awesome is this? I’m pretty preggers now, so just the soak without the fertility effects is fine by me! I bet it would make me feel better. It can be difficult to take time out to pamper yourself sometimes (well, too many times)!

  7. Who’s pretty foot is that? I love that picture. Remember high heels tilt the uterus, which can endanger carrying. love you XXXXX OOOOOOO

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