Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

Here are several items that I strongly recommend stocking up on and upping your intake of, especially during cold and flu season:

  1. Garlic (a natural antibiotic & antibacterial)
  2. Honey (no germ can live in honey!)
  3. Lemon (See use for #2 & 3 here – Nature’s Cough Syrup)
  4. Ginger (great for inflammation & circulation)
  5. Spices (like Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper, which are both believed to kill cancer calls among other benefits so clearly they’re excellent for you in general!)
  6. Herbs (like Thyme)
  7. Sea Salt (great for gargling)
  8. Veggies (lots & lots of all kinds, especially the deeply/brightly colored ones to keep your immune system in tip top shape!)
  9. Fish high in omega-3s (such as 2 of my favs – wild salmon & sardines)
  10. Tea (White, Green, Black – in the order of their antioxidant levels from highest to lowest – and herbal teas. Hot liquids are where it’s at this time of year)

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” ~Hippocrates

Be well my fabulous readers!


17 thoughts on “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

  1. Great list to print out…I use many of these daily, including honey (my favorite food), lemon, ginger and teas!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful rainy Thursday!!! :)

    Kids are on the bus and I’m heading back to bed… LOL!


  2. I really don’t know what I’d do without Garlic. I use it in almost every meal I make. And the fact that it’s healthy is such an added bonus. I’ve also been better about drinking a cup of tea a day since you reminded me of all the benefits. Thanks for the great list! I could definitely incorporate more ginger and honey into my diet.


  3. I would change that sea salt to Kosher salt, it’s more earthy a product. We are dust. the dust was just covered with the sea beforehand.

  4. okay so i totally did the foot soak thing before bed last night and it was dreamy. i think it’s going to be a new bedtime tradition. i need a foot soaker thing so i can watch felicity while soaking.

    AND i’ve been craving hot spicy foods like crazy lately. we’ve gone through a gaggle of turmeric in curries. i need to get outside more!!


  5. I totally believe in the first 4, specially (and veggies and fish and tea of course!) I’m totally looking forward to stocking up on the rest of these :) I also read that about honey and no-germs!

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