Happy Friday!

My dad and sister arrive today and we’re looking forward to showing them around and having a belated celebration of my dad’s birthday. It will be really nice to have him here for his first visit and my younger sister’s second!

Here are a couple of fun pics Dylan took yesterday, which will probably be included in our tour. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Photo Credits: Dylan Price

14 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Have a wonderful weekend Annie!!!! Don’t forget, we fall back this weekend so you have an extra hour with the family! xoxo!

    ps Dylan, love the pictures!

  2. HAVE THE BEST WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!
    Say hi to your Dad and Sarah and hope you guys have a great weekend!
    take them to Raku :)
    Love You so much!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love these photos, what a wonderful vintage-y feel! Have a wonderful weekend with your dad and sister visiting! (I love the Raku suggestion above too! :))

  4. Have a fun weekend, Annie!! xoxo
    Wow, I think you need to visit Central Park then since you live pretty close!! :)
    Thank you for the mention for #FF :)

  5. You guys had a great weekend, on my way to meet Diane & Brian today I saw a sign for Lakebridge Winery off the FL turnpike, will have to go visit with Aunt Pat. Longhorn was absolutely great, the coffee was excellent, the sirloin salad with feta in place of the bleu cheese (for company sake) was perfectly wonderful, I tried Brian’s asparagus and it was excellent. We met a 1 and sat till 3:30 got to Bradenton after 5, check engine light came on , and I tried to call Sarah, but to no avail, will bring car up tomorrow ,it’s overdue oil change . the servings were big, we couldn’t fit dessert which looked great. Got my golf bag with ping clulbs etc. such a blessing. Had a great visit, Diane had waitress take pix, I’ll have her email to you, me and Sarah. love You XXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOO I put turmeric in my egg salad too, great. XXXX OOO

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